PT. Kreasi Tanpa Batas

“Our espresso machines are meticulously produced by hand
Your perfect espresso is our aspiration.”

Your Best Coffee Machines Supplier

PT Kreasi Tanpa Batas is authorized supplier for Astoria Espresso Machine, ECM and fiorenzato Grinder
“We are happy to announce that Astoria Storm now Official Espresso Machine for Espresso Italiano Championship 2019 in South Korea.”

A group of artisans who launched an idea in 1969 has now transformed
into the largest single coffee machine factory in the world

We are a dynamic and coffee enthusiastic team with years of experience
in the passionate handmade construction of premium espresso machines.

Fiorenzato grinder offers the best even under extreme operating conditions,
when coffee consumption is very high.

A wide range of shapes, sizes and accessories for tasting espresso & coffee preparations.

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We are open from 10am — 6pm
All days of the week.

Jl. Jaksa No.18
Kb. Sirih, Kec. Menteng
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
+62 8211 488 4862